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Meet the Team

Elin Best

Growing up, it was always animals, animals, animals! From Hamsters to hounds and pigs to ponies, you name it, I had it and loved it!

Completing a BSc Hons in Pyschology and Sociology, I knew I had a passion for how people learn and it seemed the only logical path for me to merge my two loves together - dogs and Psychology!


I got my first dog, Maggie the Border Collie and we enjoyed Flyball and Agility together until she retired due to injury. I was then lucky enough to land a job working for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in 2010 as a puppy Trainer and learnt a huge amount about puppy development and training in the 8 Years I spent with them.


I set up Best Puppy School in 2014 to give me more freedom with my family and to be able to work with pet dogs as well as assistance dogs. To say I love my job is an understatement. I am so lucky to be able to work with the most amazing people and dogs on a daily basis and I am keen to ensure we grow and develop as a team with the latest force free training techniques to help our wonderful dogs be the best companions they can be.

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