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One-to-One Training

Group training classes won't suit everyone. Perhaps your puppy is not yet fully vaccinated and cannot go out to classes or perhaps your dog has a particular behavioural issue that is not covered during one of our training courses. It might be that you or your dog find it stressful being in a class environment. Elin recognises that all dogs and owners are individuals and is happy to find the right training plan for you. She will come to your home or meet you at a suitable training location to work on specific training issues that may require a more bespoke training plan such as pulling on the lead, coming back when called or greeting people in the home.

Individual training sessions are charged at £75 for an initial consultation and training session lasting approximately 1.5 hours. Training sessions are then charged at £50 per hour. All training is kind, fair and effective.

One-to-one dog training
One-to-one dog training
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